Songs tagged sad

Title Tags Songwriter Collaborators Comments Post datesort ascending
Marilisa's picture
Demo Not long now piano, sad DonatedwinnerMarilisa 2 8 months 2 weeks
Saltyjohn's picture
Too Soon An Angel sad, bluesy, lyrics-only winnerSaltyjohn 2 8 months 3 weeks
mike skliar's picture
Before we lost our innocence sad, pandemic, Folk, Nostalgic Donatedmike skliar 3 8 months 3 weeks
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link Butterfly with a broken wing sad, broken wing, broken hopes, valnurable, acoustic piano winnermusicsongwriter 3 9 months 2 days
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link No Place for Me to Go lonely, sad, Americana winnerbillwhite51 cindyrella 8 9 months 2 days
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No Place For Me To Go sad, blues Donatedwinnercindyrella 4 9 months 5 days
Robyn Mackenzie's picture
Broken Heart Syndrome songfight, pop, sad DonatedRobyn Mackenzie 15 9 months 1 week
wacha's picture
Demo Hold On For Better Days Morph4, Acoustic, sad, aggression, chronic illiness Donatedwacha 9 10 months 1 week
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo I'm So ... Sunday skirmish, sad, lonely DonatedwinnerChip Withrow 8 10 months 1 week
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link One Moment of Peace covid, girl with guitar, Folk, sad tamsnumber4 15 10 months 1 week
tunecat's picture
Will it always be like this? sad, ballad Donatedtunecat 2 10 months 1 week
kahlo2013's picture
I’ll Never Forget love, sad, Pet, Needs music, collaboration desired Donatedwinnerkahlo2013 2 10 months 2 weeks
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Over Everything Blues Acoustic, girl with guitar, sad winnerLisaMarie777 3 10 months 2 weeks
Powerstars's picture
link Exercises for Relieving Upper Back Pain piano, sad, ballad, short Powerstars 7 11 months 1 day
musicsongwriter's picture
link Crying TIme sad, instrumental, open to collabs winnermusicsongwriter 3 11 months 2 days
the pannacotta army's picture
link Fido's Lament instrumental, sad, ambient, quiet-mood the pannacotta army 7 11 months 2 days
wacha's picture
She Prays Week2, ballad, full production, sad, murder ballad, lost love Donatedwacha 10 11 months 1 week
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Demo Troubled Ways sad, alt-country, Americana, ballad, softerworld Donatedwacha 4 11 months 1 week
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It's a Beautiful Day sad, Needs music winnerSaltyjohn 3 11 months 1 week
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video Heart/break Song one, dream, sad, catharsis Glyne3 Steven Davies 2 11 months 1 week
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Demo Never Really Gone week1, ballad, sad, chronicillness, hopeful, therapy Donatedwacha 13 11 months 2 weeks