Defending the Earth from the Alien Invasion

Defending the Earth from the Alien Invasion

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Liner Notes: 

8. Defending the Earth from the Alien Invasion

I wrote this piece back in 2018 between albums so it didn't have a place to go.

I had the idea of a sci-fi film scene that depicted humans learning of an oncoming Alien invasion and they prepare for attack. There is much anticipation and looking to the clouds as they darken and then the Aliens arrive and the battle begins. The battle and continuing onslaught continue in waves.

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The foreboding intro is perfect : the anticipation you mention is definitely well rendered. I have the impression of number - as if the spaceships multiply quickly and darken the sky.At some point, the track sounds massive in a peculiar way. The shadows say more than the actual bodies. Not sure my words convey the thought well, haha. The fact that there are successive waves creates interestic dynamics. Great job.

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I'm tired and was really getting into this and zoning out, but man when those aliens attacked I woke right up!, this is just all around excellent, the calming and repetitive onslaught of invasion forces is really nicely captured here! I think you nailed what you were going for here, being a huge sci-fi fanboi I think I would of likened this to an alien invasion without reading the liner notes! and that's just such a great low and rumbly growling, really huge sound here!

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had to come give this one another listen! probably my favorite of those you've posted....... so far? keep 'em coming, I'll at least give them all a listen Biggrin ...... lot of intensity that is hard to capture with synth that you do so nicely

more enjoyable second time through for sure too! even the surprises that I knew were coming, were still a very nice welcoming jump hahah, possibly the anticipation on a second listen? whatever.........really works whatever magical hocus pocus you had going on Biggrin

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Very intense. And, just like how it was during those times. Wink hahhh! Could I tell stories of bad times. The worst was this ship, it had a faulty gate, transport unit and man, we got stuck so many times. Oh, and, Stasis Pods, well they make me rashy/itchy... but, that's how it goes.

Anyway, great stuff.