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Liner Notes: 

6. Industry

This was from 2018 and I wanted to write an aggressive metallic industrial sounding piece. I wrote it between albums so it just never had a place to go until now. I also had the idea that it may one day have vocals so I wrote in a verse and chorus format.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I love both of those parts, but whatever your B of an AB format would be is an A+ from me Biggrin
It's like a whistle that got sent through some crazy space/time vortex that really caught my ear! but all the sound choices were excellent! This was a real treat! I wish more people making mostly electronica music were this experimental(and talented) the genre as a whole wouldn't get such a bad rap with the old hat guitar/tube amp rock&roll crowd Biggrin

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This is very definitely industrial and a really interesting listen. Subtle might seem an odd word to choose to describe this, but there are some lovely touches in stuff like filter control. The percussion in this is particularly epic, and you have a great ear for making polyrhythms work against each other. But despite what @dzd says, I have to admit I was kinda waiting for the wall of guitars to kick in... Smile