Letters From Below

Letters From Below

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Liner Notes: 

3. Letters From Below-


I wrote this piece in April 2018. It was for a an online competition to write a piece that prominently featured a developer's software. Shortly after entering this piece I was informed that the developer decided to cancel the competition and it's been on my hard drive for 2 plus years and no one ever listened to it.

In this piece I wanted to create a mood and atmosphere that had to do with writing a letter to someone else. I wanted the author to be in a dark place/location/challenging time and the letters communicated the feelings they were expressing.

The music shifts as the letters go from day to day describing their life. The marching drums represent the repeating of the days. The piece ends with a glimmer of hope.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This one grabbed me from the get-go. The mystery & darkness, the great percussive parts & the big synths - they all meld together so nicely to tell your story.

See You In The Shadows…

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Such big sound and emotion you've captured here! I'm glad you dusted this off and shared! It deserves to be heard.
Grabbed me right from the start as well and never let go, all the changes so abrupt, yet still cohesive in it's I won't say mood, but it's moodiness? throughout......really excellent work! I think you told this story with no words perfectly! Really quite the journey. I meant to stop listening to stuff a few hours ago, it's been a long day in front of a loud amp, but so glad I didn't wait for this one, but I will have to catch the other you've got posted so far tomorrow Biggrin but this one is gonna stick with me for a minute, really loved it!

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Doomy, gloomy, dark, masterful. When we think dark it's very common to think of black. But just like black can have textures, sheen and feels so does this. So do you. You approach darkness from many angles, with many different tastes, each unique and complementary to the others. It's relentless in its drive. A black jigsaw puzzle in the dark that I have to solve or else. Very good