Chasing West

Chasing West

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2. Chasing West-

Audio Only

Version with Video

This piece is from May 2020. Spitfire Audio had a Westworld Competition using a clip from the HBO show. This competition allowed users to download a clip from the 3rd season of Westworld with the score removed and then make their own score.

In doing so I didn't want to just add random elements, but wanted to make a full piece of music in its own right. I also reused the end of a piece I wrote for Fawm 2019 as it fit well with this scene.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I gave up after that show sometime during the 2nd season, but always did really like the score, but you really nailed this! I might of kept watching it just for the music Biggrin
I didn't want to be let down with what I feel will inevitably a oh and we were all just robots all along, or it was all just a dream I felt they were really leaning into hahah, mystery and twists just for the sake of so no one can figure them out that make no sense not really what I want to spend my time watching Biggrin sorry, oh yeah! this piece is great too! Biggrin

I think all movies/shows would be better if the musicians actually watched and tried to match intensity instead of just bwaaaaaa all the time hahaha.......really great job with this! I enjoyed this a lot.........especially that big rise and pay off with the missile bit! and catching all the dialogue in a rhythm.

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Never seen the show, but quite enjoyed the sonic journey you took us on with this one. I especially love the percussion.

See You In The Shadows…

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I like the Guitar change up after the rocket finds the veh and blows it. Nice.

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I chose not to watch the video, as I don't watch this show and wanted to just feel the music. It has a great sense of "contained urgency" so, a lot of suspense, nice thrills, awesome beats. It's chaotic - in a very nice sense - but it doesn't go to wild until a bit and then it feels like an ominous chase. The guitar gives a rather suspended feel as we're watching violence happen from a stopped point of view afar.