A Peaceful Walk Outside

A Peaceful Walk Outside

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1. A Peaceful Walk Outside-


This piece is from May 2020. Orchestral Tools had an online competition with a theme of Outside. It was to compose a piece of music that showcased the feeling of being outside due to the current situation of so many people being indoors due to the Pandemic. It was allowed to have a maximum duration of 2 minutes.

I had the idea of a piece of music that was a mix of Synthesizers and a Euphonium for a while so I figured that would be how it was scored. I then went out to the local woods and recorded some Birds singing and added the Birds to the piece.

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This is really beautiful and airy! A super great floaty piece and the birds are an excellent touch! really adds to the lighter than air feel this has as a whole!

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You certainly achieve the sense of airiness. The synths work really well to develop the mood & the themes. The added bird song is a great touch that gives this a real connection to nature.

See You In The Shadows…

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There's wind in this piece, and a gorgeous sense of openness. The birds' chirping suggests there are trees, but the sky is wide, never concealed by the foliages. There is motion too, slow and relaxing. A brief moment of freedom, savored as it ought to be.

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All I see is grey, grey from the sky, from the snow, from the buildings. There are no people, there are no sounds other than the birds', the euphonium - beautiful voice - is an interesting choice, as brass can often be used to sound victorious, this particular instrument has a nice, darker feel, so the main melody sounds more like the cry of victory of nature - victorious, but pained - , man is gone, it has won, it's finally safe to have a peaceful walk outside