Just Twinkle

Just Twinkle

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Liner Notes: 

Was a fawm song from Feb. this year, few more words written today during Sunday skirmish, had somewhat forgotten about it until prompt today always meant to work it out a little more............this is what I got so far........gonna call it good enough for now and moving on Wink

Edit: New version is a friend outside of 50/90 singing and on acoustic from a phone recording, with some ustaknow bass, blame me for all the other nuttiness Biggrin


Keep twinkling little star
shine your light down
where we are
out away from
this world so far
I liked it when I didn't
Know what you are

We'll just pretend tonight
Everything is alright
You just twinkle

When you wish upon a star
They don't care who you are
what you're worth
what you've done
we're all here together
shouldn't we have some fun

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Great to hear this coming together! I love the groove you create and the effervescent vocal effects. There is a magical atmospheric feel.

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I love how it evolved in the second verse, -- very well done; great stuff! I'd run that vocal behind the clarified one slightly time shifted (if the same track, but just overdriven?)... anyway... I think I know how it'd sound... and just and idea since seems like you're gonna have another revision (?) well, maybe, as that goes!

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A progressive lullaby perhaps? I really like the groove (as @kahlo2013 mentions). I could see you maybe adding a guitar solo in there towards the end, but then - maybe that would take away from the lovely atmosphere you've already created. Nice!

See You In The Shadows…

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Cool to hear right after the previous, has a soft and gentle sound to it and conveys some hope for the future.

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You are a great producer! Smile

So, like for the new vocal, you heard her voice and thought of this lyric and, - spot on.

Hahhh, I was shocked at "bad bad man..." too "funny" to hear that lyric with her sweet voice, the contrast is the "it".

But, here, in this, it just fits, -- both, great backing one to the other.

(This is the stuff that really makes music fun.)

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Thanks!, and that it does make it fun! and I agree that one really cracked me up too in the best of ways Biggrin