Ramparts Still Gleaming

Ramparts Still Gleaming

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Hahhh, actually on this scratch pad this morning, started writing, then saw the one above which seemed to complete it. I don't typically write an eight verse lyric sketch. (I could have hours of 10 x 10's Wink hahhh... )


I see the shadows of me, bouncing on the walls
My words reflecting, back to me
Why are you so afraid, afraid to see
I don't see me, through my words
Not as you, do of me

It's your only way
So can't blame
Your fear of me
Us we and He

If you knew of how I am, not reflection on the wall
Of the black marks redirection
That tare your image..., me
What do you think, you do see
How then would you feel, and be

We Hand pulled sunrise
With youth tooled moonpies
We troubled Heaven every day
And did receive in every way

We stand for our ways
And offer lifes gaze
For all to take part
As gleaming Ramparts

We bare what we care
Resilient in our share
Stomped and kicked
While we still make repairs

But come a day, when you make that
Impossible to extend
Our baskets of tolerance
Will be full of all, you have chanced

You know the consequence, of your action
You know the outcome, of what we'll sanction
You know will deliver, and skillfully pay
You for all you do clever, sadly to affray

(c) 2020 ustaknow (alias)

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A strong write, lots of meaning here!

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This is a really strong 8 verser! hahah another fine example of finely refined off the cuff writing, that could get lost in a pseudo narrative if tried to give it a V/C/V "structure"

Just watched a pretty great video........off, but somewhat on topic, well not this writes main topic(s) just where my brain went hahaha
some uber trained musician type finally coming to a realization while trying to dissect Axis: Bold as Love, that Jimi really didn't come at it with some plan in mind........all the tempo changes/off-timings/off beats/etc were just that.......basically why classical music has no "structure" just flows with the mood. And finally coming to feel a certain way about everyone that told him he must always play with a click track, so it can all be quantisized later.......pretty much why there's not a lot of soul in music left, uncoincidentally happened about the time everyone started using computers to "produce" and dissecting and lining up wave-forms not just hearing it on a tape.