Fast Life Blues [here comes the heat]

Fast Life Blues [here comes the heat]

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-- If remembering correctly, started as a cell phone recording, first-pass, one-take; then revised 2019; and today 11 August 2020 with Cody from Oklahoma (dzd) on Slide Guitar.

Hahhh! - five years later! O M G! Aye!? Still futzing with a cell phone recording. Whoddathough?!

-- Good stuff, good stuff... ...

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Good stuff indeed! Love the feel of this. Worth the futz, don't know why you're complaining! (perhaps I'm just a sucker for the blues, but this has a lovely feel. And an elegant bass on the other side of that slide guitar.

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A cool song to play while on a road trip - I can see the small towns passing by with the song in the background. Nice!!

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Man! I gotta comment on this too, I was in no way happy with that trash I sent you hah! snuck this one in on me've worked some real magic here! You know what you did ahahaha.......I think you may have just a touch more futzing to do when I get back home!

Just to clarify for anyone else reading.....I had a massively bad patch cable, sent him just a mono track of those little slide bits, I for once tried o do just a "clean" cab mic out track, not even any gain Wink (don't even think he's used them in whole, snipped/edited/cleaned them up) in a super jiffy Biggrin

Really great work!

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Yup has an oldy worldly feel, I could see this with a road trip video. Still softer vocals and that guitar is very clean nice one Mr Stilldoes.

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Really enjoyed this--kind of a 70s vibe, which I always love anyway. I get told my songs sound "70s era" and I always take it as high praise.

Great job on this, guys!

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Phone recordings are funny things; they need the right treatment in a production to make them sit properly in the mix, otherwise it just sounds like a mess. This does NOT sound like a mess. Here, you just get a really interesting sonic overlay to the music that enhances rather than hinders the song. It's a timely song, too - although I think that the storm is already here, and has been for some time...

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Nice, gives me a feel of a person singing this outside a church right before a big event.