Youth Withdrawl (Now, *Musicated*)

Youth Withdrawl (Now, *Musicated*)

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Liner Notes: 

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This one works Smile -- >

- See file host for further

- May still get another vocal, backup from another friend, hahhh!

* Okay, this now, post 5090 musication from draft via, hit record and compose, first pass, one pass (then a little mixing just now for some audio dimension, headphones).

Original Liner Note:

I've noticed latetly, -- lately more so, -- few know how to have a discussion, ask questions and communicate over time, -- very few.

There is no equity built in any prior dialogue. Therefore, just stop trying to explain, -- it won't count, later, or be engaged if even fully aware.

Moreover, many try to convince themselves, if not others they do not have this problem, and yet, they do. They won't take "yes" for an answer, and just when one thinks they, others, then do know how to dialogue, -- it never fails, more so lately, that they prove my observations in spades.

This lyric was born from that and even the potentially disparate Title.

-- If you see that "connection", then great, and do explain Smile or feel free to free-form comment. If you do not, don't feel bad since the forth line comments that you are not alone Smile

Imma bad, bad man... Wink hahhh!

I am hearing this as a blues, undefined, experimental fusion, -- whatever that may be... ...

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Well, I'm a little afraid to get into "what it means" after reading your note. You are a bad man. I like the line about not flying their kite. How do you know whether it's good, since the incomprehension appears to be mutual? The title is really something to ponder

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I hear you! oh for good ol robust debate without hate or name calling. Respect for the person but dislike of opinions.

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Oh this is marvelous!....I think @fresh spotless youth wraps that up pretty nicely hahah! open up a lot of speculation/guesses, I feel it will even be offensive to quite a few "intellegent, open-minded, group-thinkers" wish I could put more quotes around that, but believe I'm making very sarcastic air ones hahah.

me too @coolparadiso I mean most actually intelligent people are willing to have a discussion be open to even *gasps* the possibility of having their mind changed on most any given subject......yeah that's how you win a debate...."oh I can't even discuss this with you if you don't "get it" you blah blah blah" whatever that is oh so prevalent now"

This is really nicely written sir!