Hero’s Nation's Gain

Hero’s Nation's Gain

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Wow a song about Scotland! You set the atmosphere really well in the first few bars. The additional sounds of drums and cymbals and vocals add a lot to this. The electric guitar soloing is really good.The lyrics are very interesting and I'll need to read them a few times over. 'A nation's gain' is a very strong phrase. I'm listening to this in Perth in Scotland and it's really moving. Thank you for this.

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Wonderfully done. Amazing lyrics and arrangement. I have big time Scottish ancestry, originating in the Isle of Skye, but haven't traveled there yet.

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Ah, I've got a bit of a Scotland/Ireland anthem I've written the lyrics for, and I'm intending on doing next week. This is inspiring.

Yeah, my ancestors came from back there a LONG time ago. I think some of music might be in my DNA.

Great job on this!

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This is great! Was intrigued with what you'd do with this, other than lyrics have got a total overhaul from the previous stuff I read what two/three weeks ago? those long sustained notes and the thunder are a lovely touch, do give it a funeral dirge feel and keep some of that scotland vibe with no sheep stomachs Smile . I'll have to give this more of a listen with some headphones, but sounds amazing on the laptop speakers, the doggie barks? or heys? on the chords are great! I'll listen better later Wink

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oh that was just harp doing those long sustained notes, couldn't tell over laptop speakers......still sounds good there, but as with most things justice wasn't done
this is just fabulous, might be my new favorite of yours, really nothing else to say/add Smile

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OK...! A whole new look/sound to the trad. I tend to go the other way!