New Signals [TSNB]

New Signals [TSNB]

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~ Musicated from Lyrics Only ~

5 min Write, 5 min Recording Wink hahhh! I'll add a Bass-line later, well, maybe, wee shalll Sea.

Chaos..., it's a great filter!

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First off, great intro Wink This is one of those demos that just comes out golden....good luck getting that same laughter through tears at the end of some of these lines again Wink Really loved it! Great take to just dub into, but I don't think it feels lacking even without a bass-line, great vocal take! This sits nice as "just" 1v1g....nice outro too Smile

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Yea I agree with @dzd, GREAT intro.

I don't really understand much of the lyrics, but... uh... you can eat my candy! Yessirree.

The acoustic guitar sound somehow brings me back to Led Zeppelin III... just needs an added mando or another.