Lunch Time Anthem (PPP)

Lunch Time Anthem (PPP)

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Liner Notes: 

See notes at track where hosted.

If URL link broken, see from BandCamp:

With little time presently, this may be it.

---- Oh well, Smile

I was gonna call this one "Hungry Dogs Byte" too, just so see if anyone notices... Smile someone did... oh well, call it an Album Title then.

Anyway..., clarity? :
There was one other track, as well I won't bother to post here, ---- intended/created for July, but since spawned from another board, -- not sure it fits here, though follows my "niche" ? Smile do I have a niche?

(You can see it there "Love Speak", next to this one on BandCamp if care too, or not, as you like Smile )

-- also as is this one which is a first-take, one-pass, under-produced, record-while-writing, "feast" write, 5-min, and you get what you get, period! (yes, meaning the uber-dubs as well, -- same-same.)

Also, this, technically was posted 26 June, never did a final bounce/check/mix... (no time, as I say, oh well), -- and from a very specific challenge for "anthems" of ANY kind... could be for your favorite Cereal, and etc. (I did one for cereal too! Smile hahhh!, "oh boy!, aye!").

So, derUgo!

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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You can imagine I wasn't expecting this. I wasn't prepared for this bluesy, soulsey, magnificent tune to enter my ear space. It immediately made me think of Dr. John, which is the biggest compliment I can give you because Dr. John is legendary. Honestly, I don't even really have words for you about this song. There is nothing to say except it drips excellence. 10/10.

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Ustas back! Love red white and blue bit. Nice one mate, getting back in the groove!

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New headphones really opened up the channel separation in this for me! Great lunch time quickie Wink

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Hello Ustaknow, I was waiting for you to post. I especially love this one, the lyrics are great!! I haven't gotten to posting anything yet as tax season was extended until just yesterday. So funny!!!

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Dig it, the guitar in the background works well as it adds some extra subtle sounds, but doesn't scream out the gate.

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Perfectly captures the spirit of 70s US rock. As a Brit, that was a really seductive sound back then. Even now, though I may have grown old and cynical, it can still get the blood flowing!