Hungry Dogs Byte

Hungry Dogs Byte

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Nicely undefined. I do like how this sounds frantic and chilled out all at the same time.
Very crunchy.

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Dem dogs do byte! It is a bit hectic nice.mWelcome to the show!

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Sounds great! synth probably is more appropriate than brass slide circles with lots of effect pedals in some cracked out tuning Smile hahah!

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Does have a lot of byte. I like how it meanders. I’m trying to get about doing that with my music. I end towards the very straight lines. I’m always so impressed with you production level too. With collaborators, no less!

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Yeah! I love the way it bashes along, mixing heavy beats with some cool guitar and quiet piano. Lot of cool juxtapositions that work

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Cool piece, moves along with some deep sounding drums and has variety and stays interesting all throughout!