Yup, That's Me

Yup, That's Me

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Liner Notes: 

Parents, do you remember when you started being recognised for your kid's accomplishments? This is that.


Yup, That's Me
Sean McGaughey (c) July 7, 2019

Yup, that's me
I'm Seb's Dad
Yup, I'm pretty proud
He sure is.
Yup, we're glad he helped you out.
Yup, that song was his, that painting too
Yup, we think he's doing OK.

Used to be I'd be recognised
by grown kids I taught or otherwise
by old acquaintances while they passed by
Sometime someone even came along
Who said they liked my songs.

But not today
That's OK
Yup, I'm Seb's Dad.

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Such a sweet song. The conversation lyric will sound great in a demo - let me know when that happens please ?

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lol Oh, I do remember. I was just thinking something very similar as I watched a video from last year of my daughter up on the stage with MY high school music teacher conducting the Army band she performs in, HER high school music teacher conducting some of the tunes as he's the commander of the band, her ex boyfriend in the band at the time, my other daughter's boyfriend in the band at the time... and afterwards I'm talking to my high school music teacher saying...how did this all happen?? Very proud of both my musical daughters, where they've been, where they are, and where they're going! This lyric gets that exact point across so well. Nicely done!! Smile

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Nawww that's adorable. One of my fave relationships on Twitter is Lin Manuel Miranda and his dad Luis Miranda, they're both so proud of each other's achievements.

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Very sweet melody and delivery. I gave birth to three amazing humans and feel the same - yup! I'm their Mom! I remember well the first time someone referred to my parents as "Darci's Mom and Dad" instead of referring to me as "Oh your Doc and Jo's daughter". I felt like I had become an adult that day somehow. It wonderful to enjoy kids in this way!

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What a lovely idea for a song - sweet, tender, and loving observation of the passing of torches and times.
My daughter is 17 now - when she was little a lot of her friends would address me by calling out, "Hey, Josie's dad!"

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Sweet and funny words, yup! Gentle picking and understated style really wring out the emotions from a good subject. The "used to be" section gives more perspective and adds a lot of depth. I think he might be little proud of his father too. Smile

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I like it. There's an element of sadness, of being overtaken and superceded here, but I guess that's life and maybe I hadn't noticed it till you pointed it out.
The song moved me.

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Very cute, sweet song. I like the repeated yups, it sort of gives this a bittersweet attitude. Nice job Smile

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Really nice and sweet ... I feel the same way about my son ... it's more about him than me. This is like Loudon Wainwright III's father/son songs, which are really touching.

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You tell a lot is such a short story

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what a sweet song, so full of pride and love, gave me a bit of the old goosebumps myself, so lovely... i love all the Yups. very touching and to the point song. love it.

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This is very relatable. The sense of pride in our kids accomplishments knows no bounds! Nicely delivered and I enjoyed the guitar too.