what sort of vocal technique is this? (scream metal)

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hey yo!

so im exploring other ways of doing vocals atm, and have always wanted to learn how to scream like a possessed metal singer - ofc it will take a lot of practice, im not expecting results to come easy Wink

just wondering if anyone knows what this type of technique or scream this is called?? at 15:25 onwards =


its commonly used in early kvelertak songs, and sounds awesome Biggrin

cheers my peeps!

Hey, -- yes, it's interesting, -- I think it is simple call, scream singing. Other, not screaming, but I hear, "death growls" and etc.

The genre is not my thing... but the energy is in other genre.

I think you'd want to be careful of not "hurting" yourself... and, what I heard as a nice compromise is a "megaphone" filter or megaphone.

In a more sublte manner that distortion is what made what I know as the "shaker" mic for harmonicas. Not that drastic.

However, as I experiment with sound... a basic alt is a soup can (an emty one Wink ) hahhh... with a 25 pfennige piezo taped to the bottom outside and sing into the open top ... and can barrier the feedback that's gonna happen in the can any number of ways. An old AM Radio 1920's broadcast sound and if "onstage" performing... (dressed up well), who'd know...

Hahh, I've brought up "Frye" and "Singers" jump all over that!!

For me, learn to control the Air though the Facial Mask (keeps your sinus clear Wink ) and, Arching the soft, back palate and how to jump sticky parts up/down... and you'll have penty to work with, well, imnho Smile

And, all is online somewhere "free" to study... if good at "Self Teaching"... some are not and need to pay a coach... as you like! Smile

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Kvelertak is incredible. The last album was sick.

That just sounds like belting stuff out in the head register and adding some heat. You can mimic dog barking and then try to get the same feel to the vox.

cheers peeps, ive been trying these out already Biggrin

[@nerdjealous] well, I for one enjoy one off experimental, but authentic "what do you think" listens; so, if didn't consider putting up, experimentations, scratch tracks, I'll listen from here - if see it. I think there are like, maybe Smile two or three others who think like me so to speak and may have a look, just like that.

So, there you go! Smile But, as you like, or not.