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I'm assuming it's fine, but thought I'd check in case there's legality or any other reasons I can't think of for not being possible, or whatever, but...

Say if I used some DJ Premier/similar pre-made beats, to freestyle over, that would be within the rules, right?

Cause I'd be making my own lyrics to them, of course. Only difference is, not my music....

Bearing in mind that I have the right permissions, and get the go ahead from the powers that be, this be my jam for future tracks

(legality referring to free to use, creative commons, background beat tracks, etc)


on this site, you can see lyric writers and their output; lyrics without music. so, you should be fine, freestyling over some beats you found. new lyrics seem to be the key requirement to fawm/5090. imo. ymmv.

Shouldn't be an issue.

Anyone remember "Jackin' For Beats" - Ice Cube from a LOOOOONG time ago?

The “rules” here are pretty loose. If you’re creating new music based on somebody’s music it’s a lot like any collab here

Also: Some types of music, such as some filk and comedy songs, really lean in to other people's music.

Personally, I've done some "hymn-filk" which was using ancient public domain music and creating alternate lyrics for it.

Publishing things with other people's music is where it gets trickier. Here, things are a lot more relaxed.

Thanks for the replies peeps. I'm using them as an exercise to get better at freestyling, delivery, as well as working on my writing skills, so yes it'll be new music based on other peoples music.

Cheers for clarification. I will most likely be making music too at points, just I'm flowing towards rap atm so yeh, all good Smile

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Especially for fawm 50/90 I don't see it as any different than using a drum click track Smile

@tcelliott yeah I remember that song and that whole phase, I always got a kick out of reading the liner notes off of a lot of early hip hop, how many people had to be credited haha....Beastie Boys "Pauls Boutique" had quite the list, and those were just the samples they had to mention haha.

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I do! I do! I do! Smile

As long as the beats are public domain... as long as you have permission to use them, then it’s fine. I know that most beat loops and drum machine software give permission for use. What would be the point of using them otherwise?