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I'm looking to get a new USB keyboard. Price isn't really something I'm too worried about. It just needs to have certain qualities.

1) 61 keys
2) My current one is Nektar Impact GX61 and it has a dead key. Well, it works most of the time. So, I'm looking for something a bit more sturdy.
3) It needs to have sliders and knobs for easy bindings for orchestral music stuff.
4) Can't be super wide. 300mm is way too much cos I have to fit it on my desk.
5) Bend and Mod wheels definitely on the side of the keys. On top is so awkward, I can't imagine why some companies do that.

I've been wondering about the M-Audio Oxygen 61 Mk4

But I also have bad experiences with M-Audio stuff. But other than that, it seems to fit the bill. I don't mind the pads there, but can't imagine using them much, because they feel so lame. I mostly play drums with the keys.
So far, I've only used pretty flimsy ones. Acorn and Line6. Super cheap.

What are your USB Keyboard experiences? Any recommendations? Smile

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Not something I'm super familiar with, but I've had problems with M-Audio stuff as well....hit a key too hard and seem to break the entire thing Wink but this was not the one you're looking at, was a 32key thing with pads, and yeah the pads did stink. Took forever and a lot of hassle back and forth, and because of that issue just got a refund instead of a new product of theirs.

The music lab at uni uses Oxygen 49s (not sure of which model but I would guess Mk3). Not the highest quality but good enough to withstand the fairly heavy use they get subjected to. Never used a Nektar, so can’t comment about how it compares; but it looks slightly less bulky than the equivalent M-Audio model if space is an issue for you.

I have a a 61 key Native Instruments board. Very smooth action , and seems sturdy enough.

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@JamKar, yea it seems alright otherwise, but it doesn't have any of those sliders.

@IA Those sliders were replaced by turn knobs. But functionally programmable.

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Yea, but I like sliders better for some stuff. Biggrin

I'd go for the M-Audio oxygen. My current workhorse is an ancient M-Audio Ozone. It's all those wonderful knobs, sliders AND the two wheels in the RIGHT PLACE! And I prefer full-size keys, myself. Yes I have a tiny Korg, but that's just so that I can say "My other controller is a Korg" and it has a useless thumb-me joystick instead of the two wheels. And none of the knobs.

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Hmm yea, I guess it's the maudio then. Not super hyped about the brand, but since nobody else does anything even close to that, I pretty much have to buy it.