Is there an echo?

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Is it quieter in here than normal considering that we're less than a month out, or am I just remembering the rumbling starting earlier than it actually does?

Eric says that the site will reset this week, so I suspect people might be holding off until then.

I get some of my best answers, interactions, "under the gun of deletion", empty, no ones here-ism's Smile ... then, find, - not deleted, sometimes. Like FAWM... it just kept going like the energizer bunny... those last days, were the best! Smile too.

It's our very own cycle of mass extinction/explosion events. Smile

A bit quiet or maybe the echoes are louder in my head.

Silence is deafening, n'est-ce pas? And yes, the cycle of mass extinction/explosion events adds to the creative juices already flowing. My Muse has decided this morning to swing back from my creative writing (just finished a 50,000 word manuscript that now needs revision) to music. Just in time to gear-up for 50/90. Her timing is immaculate, really. Now, I need to get my recording space back into shape Lol

See You In The Shadows…

Not sure if it's less activity than usual, but definitely less activity than I was expecting 1 month from start.

Some of us are just quietly lurking.

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I for one just realized this starts in less than a month. Smile

I for one just realized this starts in less than a month.

...Why, yes—now that you mention it, I believe there is an echo in here.

Nice to see some folks here, even if it's just to talk about how quiet it is around here!
As for me, I'm looking forward to this 50/90 more so than last year's for sure. I have some cool music projects - including actual live performances - a-brewing!


Hey gang I will be back this year right after the reset...see you then

I just logged in to see if the site reset yet and, after having to skip most of 50/90 last year and all of FAWM this year for various unfortunate reasons, am looking forward to (doing my best to) really get back into the swing of things this 50/90. I'm looking forward to the reset whenever it happens, getting my rock hands, and having a productive summer!

Popped in occasionally over the past couple of weeks. Itching for the mayhem to begin again. Smile