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This week's guest is one of the most talented indie artists I've had the pleasure to work with. Ryako has a fresh and unique sound that the world needs to hear. Her stories are as varied as her skillsets.

Ryako (Mel Ciriaco) is an Asian-American-Belgian, one-woman band based in Brugge, Belgium. She writes, produces, and performs primarily nerd-inspired Electronica and Hip-Hop music, but also enjoys blending that with other genres in order to create something different and unique.

Is she a lady producer? A hip hop artist? A rock star? Conductor? Playwrite? Set Designer? Film producer?

What is a future face?

Get all these answers and enjoy some of the best music you are going to hear today.

We had a blast recording this interview for everyone out there, and we have so much more to talk about! Don't be shocked if this is not the only Ryako episode you get.

Show Ryako some love by visiting her online.

Website: https://ryakomusic.com (There's a hidden text adventure on the site where you can unlock 5 songs.)

Catch her live stream on Twitch every Wednesday evening to stay up to date with her current projects: twitch.tv/ryakomusic

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCl45IdjvDx10IDoHe2UqlSQ

Bandcamp: ryako.bandcamp.com

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took a quick scan through some of the music and pod. piqued my interest with the sounds i heard. will come back and give a proper listen.