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I've just won the UK Songwriting Contest 2020 (lyrics section) with a song I wrote during 50/90.

Here's what they said:

John Schofield (my real-life name) has won the Lyrics Only category in the UK Songwriting Contest 2020 with his song “It’s Later Than You Think.”
The UK Songwriting Contest directors and judges include top award-winning producers and songwriters who have worked closely with many of the world´s major artists. There were almost 10,000 song entries from 84 countries in the 2020 contest and we are pleased that John Schofield has achieved such an impressive and well-deserved result in this event and wish him every success in the future.
UKSC Judge Susan Muranty said:
"This is a beautiful piece of lyric writing - structurally flawless with a great title and a clarity of meaning and purpose that is just delightful to listen to and engage with. I love the fantastic gritty imagery in the detail of the “broken sink” and the powerful dramatic punch line of “it’s later than you think”. I can hear this worked up into an epic moody folk tune that really connects with its audience. The clear winner to me!"
February 2021

Thank you 50/90 for the inspiration!

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Congratulations @Saltyjohn !

Thank you, Andy

Here's what Elisabeth Roberts, Chris Hiello and Defy Recordings did with my lyrics:

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