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I'll be editing, annotating and uploading each of the Sunday night livestreams that I do on Twitch about home recording techniques for Fifty/Ninety to YouTube. Last night's show is done, and ready to watch:


Lots of stuff about free resources like DAWs and sound editors, tips on mic placement, and meandering digressions from me on subjects ranging from the Loudness Wars to shopping at Tandy / Radio Shack.

If you've got stuff you'd like to watch me cover, please let me know!

I miss Radio Shack.

Me too, @TomS, me too. The shelves here in the studio are littered with bits and pieces that I bought there over the years. And the closest that the UK comes to the Radio Shack experience - Maplin - closed all its stores a few years ago and now operates exclusively online. It's not the same, somehow.

We have an old time electronics supply store about a mile from us. It's amazing. My son and I have been working through an intro level electronics class this summer and they've been digging through old boxes to give us components to play with. Smile

Hi Chris, thank you for doing this. Looking forward to watching your videos with your tips. I know I've asked in the past but any thoughts on different keyboards would be very interesting for me.

@TomS Ahh, deep joy. When we sold my father's house last year to pay for his care, in clearing it out I found a stash of proper lead solder: the old good stuff.

I made sure that came home with me VERY smartly.

Ditto. Some of my fondest memories are going into Radio Shack with my Dad when I was a kid. He'd be looking at electronics parts, I'd be looking at the toys or the keyboards LOL

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@musicsongwriter Nadia, will do - I can enthuse about the weighted keyboard on the Korg Smile

Looking forward to listening to this!

Enjoyed the video. Will we get to hear a vocal recorded on that ribbon mic? That looked a nice old piece of kit.

@atitlan If you want a demo of that Reslo mic, I shall make sure I do one on Sunday. Please watch if you haven't entirely fallen down the rabbit hole of the BBC SO "Discover" package by then (and I will be talking about it on Sunday's show, BTW!)

(For those of you who haven't watched the show yet, I did a "show and tell" with an old Reslo RBL ribbon microphone of my father's that is even older than I am. The Shure SM55 might be referred to as 'The Elvis Mic' but the Reslo is referred to as the 'Beatles Mic" and there's one going on eBay at the moment for nearly two hundred quid!)


Quite enjoyed the show @headfirstonly, especially the talk about mics. Can't wait to see what you do with that Fisher Price Mic Biggrin Makes me want to pull out some of the toy musical knick-knacks I've acquired over the years & experiment with them.

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