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This is a thread for posting any updated demos etc so that they don't get lost. (Apologies if there's one out there already but in my admittedly muddled state of mind I couldn't find one)

I'll start with this one:
Bigger Boat, by @Cicpisces and me; I added a rough draft of the music and will be working on a clean copy over the next little while.

@metalfoot thanks for starting this one. I was about to do it 'cause I have one. Got the demo done for "Made Up Game" from the first weekend skirmish, @johnstaples "Faraway Places" prompt.

Was waiting for this thread to pop up. Wink

Here are my demos for:
'Not Even Close' (with Joanne Cooper).

'The Curve of Your Words' (with Theresa J)

Gywn Jones added some wonderful music
See-Man-Ski added music as part of the random collab. Enjoy.

I've added music to this file. Thanks.

i put my collaborator's mix up for first 6 comments, but i have done a mix now and have put that on the player demo. i have also put the link to the original mix and would be interested which you prefer. "Do A Do"

Last Bus to Adelaide demo now up. AND the South Oz border is now CLOSED!! !

Back in the Superskirmish @metalfoot gave us the prompt "Clumsy". I came up with lyrics only. Now here's the demo, an 11/8 blues renamed "Bunglesome". A synonym for clumsy.

New and improved, now, -- with ~ Music ~ too!


Last Bus to Adelaide no has its VIDEO.

A Princess Has A Prince For Tea now has a demo.

New, improved, supersized with coupon applied, and Cody from Oak-la-homie's, super fantastic squishy slide man work a doodles! O M G... it's mind-blowing (when's the last time that happened to jah?):

And here's the wonderful demo from my collaborator.

'The Site is Holy'

Pulled out the "kitchen sink" :), ear fatigue will do that to yah (you kinda loose Hz, then more seems better Wink )... anyway, more complex than that, just say'in.

Remix of experimental Collab with @dzd that started from a slide-guitar left on looper and an Oklahoma Thunderstorm that he just "went with" back in his "ole tin shed studio" Wink hahhh! (All live recorded, "live sounds" and well, yeah, the instruments too Wink ) It was just an instrumental, but then found lyrics from, March-June that seemed to fit... you decide!

the first demo i have recorded DURING 50/90.
to a song i wrote DURING 50/90.

so if anyone has been avoiding my songs because i haven't had the energy to write and record something new, this one demo is for you.

Updated Cloud dancer so that it now has an intro featuring the vocal talents of @sapient... Wink

"Bandit and the Wonder Dogs", - turns out there was a chucked out version of that.

Dropped in Tim Fatchen's piano track, and it worked, weird, aye! Smile

in preparation for my upcoming bandcamp album (stay tuned),,, I added second guitar, dobro, and percussion to this track and did a remix

A better vocal for Life's Short written with @DeannaSweidel.

I messed up another nice Piano track of Tim Fatchens... finally got an initial mix; we shall Sea!:

Gone back to a couple of mine and tidied up the mixes considerably.

Whinge of Song (hey, *I* thought the title was funny) now uses a convolution reverb of the Hamilton Mausoleum and all those virtual choirs now sound *much* less artificial: *46136

As noted on this week's live stream, I wan't following my own advice and hadn't eq'd the reverb on Dodgy Geezer. Swapping out the heavy metal drums made quite a difference, too: *46192

Surprised me... looking for lyrics, found this lyrics only, mid-profile page; and so in the moment, hit record... 1+1. I left it as-is on the off chance anyone gets a "hit" and has an idea for a collaboration:

- Otherwise:
As usual, add Bass, sing into it more dubs for some "back up" vocal dimension... etc., other who knows. (HP mix only anyway as usual) But, I don't often leave them 1+1 anymore, not even 1/4 Note Bass, but figured, let it percolate a bit this way a while. Hahhh... so, derUgo!

Ah, now a -- collaboration! Smile

"Youth Withdrawl"

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Updated, "Weed Fields Burning", -- got musicated, 1+1, 5 min first pass, one take:

Finished a lot of this years songs, and posted here;