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I finished my 20th album! I started my musical journey 4 years ago and I was pretty consistent with releasing stuff until I hit a massive writer's block after my previous album from September 2019. This 50/90 gave me a massive kickstart though so this is an album of songs I've made so far this year. It's not a big epic like I wanted my 20th album to be but I think it's a fun set of songs that represents my life the last little while.



Congrats! Twenty albums?! My first album is scheduled to be released 11/30/2023, but it's gonna have 500 songs

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I'm shooting for sometime in 2030 myself Smile

20 albums in 4 years.....not to be contrite, but I think you may not quite fully grasp the concept of writers block, and here's to hoping you never will Wink

Congrats! Keep it up!

I notice you left the Piikkerala songs among others off the album. I hope that means you may have a hair metal concept album for us at some point?
I'm stockpiling hairspray for that eventuality.