Songs tagged week1

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Ten by Ten (Ten for One Deal on Unfinished Songs) 10x10, week1, Week2, Week3, Week4, week5, Week6, week7, Week8, WilhelmScream jeustan 15 1 year 1 month
mikehex's picture
Demo Just this Guy You Know week1 Donatedwinnermikehex 3 1 year 3 months
elesimo's picture
Demo Intro music, fiftyninety, op-z, instrumental, week1 Donatedelesimo 2 1 year 3 months
wobbie wobbit's picture
Demo Convivial Me introduction-song, groovy, week1 Donatedwobbie wobbit 26 1 year 3 months
cleanshoes's picture
link Miss McCoy week1, Folk, Country cleanshoes 16 1 year 3 months
Jackketch's picture
link Jack Ketch week1, blues, Folk Jackketch 6 1 year 3 months
rorowe's picture
video Philly Boy ukulele, Philly, week1, songwriter, singer-songwriter Donatedrorowe 5 1 year 3 months
Edward 9th Street's picture
An Ordinary Star week1, #week 1 DonatedEdward 9th Street 8 1 year 3 months
Amanda West's picture
I Am Amanda Jane needs-music, collab welcome, lyrics-only, week1 DonatedAmanda West 6 1 year 3 months
Calum Carlyle's picture
Demo I Can't Hear You Folk, Mandola, xaphoon, Acoustic, week1 Calum Carlyle 16 1 year 3 months
john crossman's picture
Demo Too Much Time On My Mind week1, Folk, blues Donatedjohn crossman 16 1 year 3 months
OdilonGreen's picture
Demo Call Me Whisker G week1, introduction, ukulele DonatedOdilonGreen 15 1 year 3 months
sbs2018's picture
link Keep It Movin' (My Introduction) week1, edm, electronic, FilteredDisco sbs2018 13 1 year 3 months
IA's picture
Demo I Am week1, Acoustic, vocals DonatedwinnerIA 14 1 year 3 months
coolparadiso's picture
link On the Slide week1 Donatedwinnercoolparadiso 13 1 year 3 months
wacha's picture
Demo Never Really Gone week1, ballad, sad, chronicillness, hopeful, therapy Donatedwacha 13 1 year 3 months
metalfoot's picture
About Me week1, partial capo, Acoustic, harmonies Donatedwinnermetalfoot 23 1 year 3 months
MarkG's picture
link That's the Truth, Y'All week1, song challenge, BIAB DonatedMarkG 9 1 year 3 months
pokerowan's picture
link Mindflood week1, harmonies, Acoustic Donatedpokerowan 10 1 year 3 months
thelowestbitter's picture
Introduction week1, introduction, electronic, autotune, pop, queer thelowestbitter 5 1 year 3 months
DeannaSweidel's picture
The Deanna Song week1, silly, lyrics-only, rap DonatedDeannaSweidel 12 1 year 3 months
Donna Devine's picture
Not Even Close week1, uptempo DonatedDonna Devine 13 1 year 3 months
katpiercemusic's picture
Demo Rapping Rhapsodic week1, introduction, ukulele, chap hop Donatedwinnerkatpiercemusic 19 1 year 3 months
writeandwrong's picture
PSA / Don't Say I Didn't Warn You #week1, week1, introduction, silly Donatedwriteandwrong 18 1 year 3 months
Vegansongs's picture
One for the team #week1, week1 DonatedVegansongs 11 1 year 3 months
phylo's picture
Demo By Way Of Introduction week1, Introduction Song, instrumental, bluesy Donatedphylo 18 1 year 3 months
headfirstonly's picture
Demo Let's Do This! Rock, kitchen sink production, full production, theme song, week1, Discover, Spitfire BBC SO DIscover Donatedwinnerheadfirstonly 28 1 year 3 months
kahlo2013's picture
My Secrets (demo at 41504) week1, introduction, Rock, collaboration desired, Needs music Donatedwinnerkahlo2013 9 1 year 3 months
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I am a Woman and I am White week1, lyric-only Donateddarcistrutt 22 1 year 3 months
mike skliar's picture
Stop me if you heard this before Folk, Rock, harmonica, political, Independence Day, week1 Donatedmike skliar 25 1 year 3 months