Songs tagged sad

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Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Harvest superskirmish, harvest, acoustic, sad DonatedwinnerChip Withrow 6 10 months 2 weeks
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Our Time Will Come atmospheric pop, ambient pop, relationship breakdown, sad Donatedwinnercoreystewart 3 10 months 2 weeks
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Determined To Go suicide, compassion, reflection, sad ChariotBaldwin 2 10 months 2 weeks
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link Sad Beyond Words sad, dramatic, Piano, acoustic winnermusicsongwriter 4 10 months 3 weeks
Chandra83's picture
Wherever You Are Poetry, break-up, sad DonatedwinnerChandra83 2 10 months 3 weeks
kahlo2013's picture
Demo Whispers of You (See Demo 40333) Looking back on love, sad, folk ballad, rough one take acapella Demo, needs music, collaboration desired winnerkahlo2013 8 11 months 4 days
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Insomniac dreams sad, Nostalgia, lockup, regret glyne3 Steven Davies 1 11 months 5 days
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For Diane (never got the chance to say goodbye) elegy, sad, death Donatedwinnermike skliar 8 11 months 2 weeks
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link 'I Wish Our Tears Could Bring You Back' loss, sad, thoughtful, wishful, Instrumental, collaborations welcome winnermusicsongwriter 5 11 months 2 weeks
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Demo It's almost over experimental, stream of consciousness, soundtrack, sad, bleak, Roland GR20, guitar synth, live, one-take, improv DonatedwinnerDragondreams 4 11 months 2 weeks
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link Pot of Gold acoustic girl with guitar folk, sad, rough demo tamsnumber4 12 11 months 2 weeks
ChariotBaldwin's picture
Backseat Driver pensive, thoughtful, sad, relationship troubles, country ChariotBaldwin 2 12 months 2 days
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Kellie missing, dog, loss, death, weap, acoustic, acousti-one-take, girl-with- guitar, guitar, sad, nylon string, storytelling DonatedAcousticmaddie 14 1 year 1 week
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Miles and Miles Away sappy, sad, boohoo, black moon, truths Donatedwriteandwrong 7 1 year 1 week
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link River of Sorrow #acoustic girl with guitar folk, Ambient, another sad one, sad, did I say sad? tamsnumber4 9 1 year 2 weeks
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Blue Highway (Color Song #1) sad, blues, ChrisIsaak, Garageband corinne54 6 1 year 2 weeks
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link 'No one can replace You' sad, loss, tragedy, vocals needed winnermusicsongwriter 5 1 year 3 weeks
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Demo you won't be calling acoustic, improv, sad, loss Donatedwinnerplainwhitetoast 2 1 year 3 weeks
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I Loved You needs music, lyrics only, sad DonatedDeannaSweidel 6 1 year 1 month
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Scared Poetry, relationships, sad DonatedwinnerChandra83 3 1 year 1 month
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Away From Me Poetry, dating, relationships, sad DonatedwinnerChandra83 3 1 year 1 month
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Demo Empty sad, sorrow, regret DonatedwinnerKlaus oneslowtyper 18 1 year 1 month