Songs tagged blues

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Edward Roussac's picture
video One-Minute Track #4 [solo bass] bass, solo bass, blues, Instrumental, onetake, one minute winnerEdward Roussac 2 1 year 4 months
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only easy day lyrics-only, blues tsunamidaily 3 1 year 3 months
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Demo Pop Idol of the 22nd century blues, satire Donatedwinnermike skliar 7 1 year 3 months
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Rooster Blues blues winnercindyrella 8 1 year 4 months
Valerie Cox's picture
Demo Rooster Blues blues, ukulele, chicken DonatedwinnerValerie Cox cindyrella 12 1 year 4 months
Acousticmaddie's picture
Shades of us needs music, Pop, rock, blues, needs vocals, needs collab, collab wanted, collab desired DonatedAcousticmaddie 3 1 year 3 months
Guitar Kim's picture
Demo Sunday Morning Blues blues, rock n roll, slide, resonator guitar Guitar Kim 4 1 year 4 months
GRM's picture
video Sunset Blues acoustic blues, Yacht Rock, fun, blues GRM 2 1 year 4 months
headfirstonly's picture
Demo Swamp Gas Instrumental, blues, lots of guitars, multitrack, full production Donatedwinnerheadfirstonly 12 1 year 4 months
Adnama17's picture
The Cross Country, Smelly Airport, No Sleep Travelling Blues blues, lo-fi, acoustic one-take, 3-chords-is-all-it-takes DonatedAdnama17 16 1 year 4 months
tcelliott's picture
Demo The Kansas City Chiefs Losing To The Patriots Blues (Madam Breathehard) experimental, blues, Polytonal, Madam Breathehard Donatedwinnertcelliott 9 1 year 4 months
ChariotBaldwin's picture
The One I Burn For desire, lust, passion, loyalty, blues, jazz, old school, Frank Sinatra ChariotBaldwin 3 1 year 3 months
mike skliar's picture
Demo The silver lining to the orange disaster political, meta, fun, blues Donatedwinnermike skliar 4 1 year 3 months
coreystewart's picture
Demo The Woman I Love blues, blues and more blues, unrequited love, one chord wonder Donatedwinnercoreystewart 4 1 year 3 months
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Demo The Yard Work Blues blues Donatedwinnerjcollins 5 1 year 4 months
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Demo Three Mild Sprains! 3/4 time, blues winnerRockwrites75 jcollins 3 1 year 3 months
jcollins's picture
Demo Too Hot rock, blues Donatedwinnerjcollins 7 1 year 3 months
Chip Withrow's picture
Tried To Walk On Water water, Saturday skirmish, skirmish, ukulele, reggae, blues DonatedwinnerChip Withrow 9 1 year 3 months
ChariotBaldwin's picture
When did Yellow turn Blue? jazz, blues, relationship troubles ChariotBaldwin metalfoot 4 1 year 2 months
headfirstonly's picture
Demo World Affairs blues, politics, grumpy old man, get off my lawn, dadgad, slide guitar, that sort of stuff Donatedwinnerheadfirstonly 2 1 year 3 months
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link “Twice,” he said. sex, foreplay, the first time, blues winnerbillwhite51 2 1 year 2 months