Songs tagged blues

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lowhum's picture
Demo Follow the Mist mandolin, blues winnerlowhum 1 1 year 2 months
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Demo Johnny Wrong Note collab, blues, disaster, Funny Donatedwinnermetalfoot srcoops 4 1 year 3 months
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Demo Carnivore vs Vegetarian blues blues, slide guitar, harmonica Donatedwinnermike skliar 7 1 year 5 months
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Demo Keep on rockin' in a not so free world skirmish, s070719a, blues, rock, harmonica, Protest, political Donatedwinnermike skliar 12 1 year 4 months
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Demo Good people doing nothing (a death worse then fate) collab, blues, rap, funk, political, Protest, Folk Donatedwinnermike skliar g2slade 4 1 year 3 months
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Demo Pop Idol of the 22nd century blues, satire Donatedwinnermike skliar 7 1 year 3 months
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Demo The silver lining to the orange disaster political, meta, fun, blues Donatedwinnermike skliar 4 1 year 3 months
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Nice country you got there political, blues Donatedwinnermike skliar 2 1 year 2 months
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Demo Fred Mertz Blues blues, fingerstyle, acoustic Donatedwinnermike skliar 6 1 year 4 months
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Muddying the Waters blues, jazzy, piano and voice Donatednancyrost mike skliar 6 1 year 3 months
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link Freedom Ain't Free (4th of July) Folk, blues, country, gospel, Patriotic, holiday, 4th of July Pam Grisham 6 1 year 5 months
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Demo Doggone Hot Blues blues, hot weather philmcmill cindyrella 8 1 year 4 months
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Demo Three Mild Sprains! 3/4 time, blues winnerRockwrites75 jcollins 3 1 year 3 months
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Demo A clean, warm stomp. Cigar box guitar, Instrumental, blues, onetake DonatedRoddy 7 1 year 3 months
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Demo Ain't Been Practicin' Blues blues, out of practice, janky, messy, should be ashamed of myself Donatedwinnersplittybooms 5 1 year 4 months
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Demo Blues for a lost world synth, weird, abstract, blues Donatedstandup 4 1 year 2 months
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Demo The Kansas City Chiefs Losing To The Patriots Blues (Madam Breathehard) experimental, blues, Polytonal, Madam Breathehard Donatedwinnertcelliott 9 1 year 4 months
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Demo I'll Fight for you blues, jazzy DonatedTheTau 10 1 year 3 months
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blues got me blues, lyrics-only tsunamidaily 2 1 year 4 months
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only easy day lyrics-only, blues tsunamidaily 3 1 year 3 months
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Demo Rooster Blues blues, ukulele, chicken DonatedwinnerValerie Cox cindyrella 12 1 year 4 months