Songs tagged blues

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mike skliar's picture
Demo Fred Mertz Blues blues, fingerstyle, acoustic Donatedwinnermike skliar 6 1 year 4 months
Valerie Cox's picture
Demo Rooster Blues blues, ukulele, chicken DonatedwinnerValerie Cox cindyrella 12 1 year 4 months
Jibbidy34's picture
link Do All That I've Done (And Then Judge Me) Country blues, blues, singer songwriter, One take, girl with guitar DonatedJibbidy34 NoBackupPlan 6 1 year 4 months
cindyrella's picture
Doggone Hot Blues blues, hot weather winnercindyrella 2 1 year 4 months
splittybooms's picture
Demo Ain't Been Practicin' Blues blues, out of practice, janky, messy, should be ashamed of myself Donatedwinnersplittybooms 5 1 year 4 months
3tdoan's picture
video Many little gods silly, blasphemy, irreverent, ukulele, not-for-the-religious, blues Donated3tdoan 7 1 year 4 months
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo La Luna Me Cuida (The Moon Takes Care of Me) moon, ukulele, blues DonatedwinnerChip Withrow 12 1 year 4 months
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Rooster Blues blues winnercindyrella 8 1 year 4 months
tsunamidaily's picture
blues got me blues, lyrics-only tsunamidaily 2 1 year 4 months
billwhite51's picture
link Brother Blue blues, harvard square, colorful personalities, local legends winnerbillwhite51 11 1 year 4 months
Edward Roussac's picture
video One-Minute Track #4 [solo bass] bass, solo bass, blues, Instrumental, onetake, one minute winnerEdward Roussac 2 1 year 4 months
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Mama's In the Kitchen banjo, blues, kitchen DonatedwinnerChip Withrow 8 1 year 4 months
headfirstonly's picture
Demo Swamp Gas Instrumental, blues, lots of guitars, multitrack, full production Donatedwinnerheadfirstonly 12 1 year 4 months
aricate's picture
link Louder than Words blues, guitar love, acoustic, ladies who rock, first fruits aricate 12 1 year 4 months
mike skliar's picture
Demo Keep on rockin' in a not so free world skirmish, s070719a, blues, rock, harmonica, Protest, political Donatedwinnermike skliar 12 1 year 4 months
GRM's picture
video Sunset Blues acoustic blues, Yacht Rock, fun, blues GRM 2 1 year 4 months
Adnama17's picture
The Cross Country, Smelly Airport, No Sleep Travelling Blues blues, lo-fi, acoustic one-take, 3-chords-is-all-it-takes DonatedAdnama17 16 1 year 4 months
Pam Grisham's picture
link Freedom Ain't Free (4th of July) Folk, blues, country, gospel, Patriotic, holiday, 4th of July Pam Grisham 6 1 year 5 months
GRM's picture
link Away I Go Blues Country, blues, country, Folk, acoustic, One take GRM 2 1 year 5 months
mike skliar's picture
Demo Carnivore vs Vegetarian blues blues, slide guitar, harmonica Donatedwinnermike skliar 7 1 year 5 months
headfirstonly's picture
Demo It All Comes Back To The Blues blues, multitrack, full production, dadgad, slide Donatedwinnerheadfirstonly 18 1 year 5 months