Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest

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Liner Notes: 

So I saw that I had 45 minutes to write as many songs as possible, and I got on it. Stream of conscious, of course.


I really need to eat
But I really want to cheat
Because I have 45 minutes
I know I can finish.

I'll have 24 songs after this one is done
Maybe I can get to 50
25, get a halfie.

Half eaten, like my dinner.
Half eaten, I know I'm a winner.
Let's finish dinner, I need to be winner.
If I finish dinner, am I still a winner?
Will I make it through Winter?

I really need to eat
really need to cheat
I really need to eat
and what steps in my way
But there's changes and progress
This is a forest
don't forget it's enchanted
by the dance
in romance

Cuz every tree has its place in this forest.

I really need to eat
Really need to find food.

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Wow, this takes you all over the place. From dinner to getting 50 songs to a forest. Wonderfully chaotic. I hope you got something to eat??

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I like how your stream of consciousness goes directly to FOOD, and then swings back to it not once, or twice, but three times. I'm smiling because my mind works in exactly the same way...

I love the idea of 25 songs being "a halfie" too - congrats on getting there!

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I literally was just sitting down to eat my first solid meal of the day, saw I could write more songs, and focused on that as my food got cold, lol.