Lost September 1

Lost September 1

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Liner Notes: 

Well what ELSE could I call it? From early September, another lost piece of music appearing as I sweep the 5090 cupboard.

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I liked it, was recording and started to play with it Smile hahhh...


If you start them both, same time Smile and "if" my first note comes in at your 12 seconds, and you like it, LMK... (not an unsolicited collaboration... my track is not published and is not stand alone, but if you want it mixed LMK/send a wav.

I don't want to be to forward, it just sort of happened. (Maybe a bad idea..., but at least you know it inspires!)

Anyway, -- I really like your keys this year, apparently.

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Didn't see this until Too Late! (local time differences!)

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Solemn. Makes me think of year starting to wrap up. And all the things I thought I'd achieved. Hey, it's only September, there's still time to get a grip. What else am I gonna do? Travel?? Anyway, yea, this has that Snowman feel to it... almost feels like saint's day or something further. Snow covering the colorless leaves of the yesterseason. Grand.