Maybe Next Year

Maybe Next Year

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Liner Notes: 

Probably a lot of ground to cover in three minutes. Nashville tuning has the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth strings one octave higher pitch strings similar to a twelve string guitar. This also meets my last remaining goal of 50 solo songs this 50/90.


Maybe Next Year
Nashville tuning strings down a step DGCFAD chords [actual sound(shape)]: Bb/F(C/G) - 332o1o; F/G - 32ooo3; C/E(D/F#) - 2oo232; Adim(Bdim) - xxo4o1; G(A) - xo222o; D(E) xxx454; Dm(EM) - o22ooo;

[Bb/F(C/G)] My big ideas have been turned inside out
[F(G)] Grand plans for fun work in retirement now on the shelf
[Bb/F(C/G)] My connections have been virtualized
[C/E(D/F#)] My face to face interactions have been [Adim(Bdim)] diminished

[C/E(D/F#)] Maybe next year
[G(A)] I’ll get back to some of the places I took for granted
[C/E(D/F#)] Maybe next year
[G(A)] I’ll see the smiles on the faces of people I love
[C/E(D/F#)] Maybe next year
[D(E)] I’ll work to tend the new trees and ideas I have planted
[C/E(D/F#)] Maybe next year
[G(A)] I’ll hold onto gratitude when the pandemic gets tough (again)

[Bb/F(C/G)] My songwriting has gone into some dark corners
[F(G)] The pandemic shoved my concept themes aside
[Bb/F(C/G)] My painting and employment have gone on hiatus
[C/E(D/F#)] Slogging through my [Adim(Bdim)] emotional swamp

Repeat Chorus

[Dm(Em)] Oh to have a little more money to spend
[F(G)] Now that time is not an issue
[Dm(Em)] Oh to be able to hug my friends again and family
[F(G)] Go to art shows, yoga and hang at the farmers market
[G(A)] Safe transportation, and be able to walk into a public building
Without a mask or a COVID death threat hanging over my head

[Bb/F(C/G)] [F(G)]
[Bb/F(C/G)] My defenses have worn very thin
[C/E(D/F#)] Reserve energy is [Adim(Bdim)] nearly empty

Repeat Chorus

And its gonna get tough
The second wave is coming
It’s gonna be tough
It’s gonna be a long winter
Maybe next year
It’ll all be better

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Timely and so true. You capture it well! I love the relatable perspective and clear matter of fact delivery.

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Of course, I can visualize this one.
I've not tried that tuning before - has a nice ring to it.
A fitting end to this 50/90. You sound great, even when pensive.

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Oh, I totally get the lyrics in this. SAME. And totally in all caps. Those lines "Maybe next year / I’ll work to tend the new trees and ideas I have planted" are simply, painfully beautiful.

All the feels.