The oncoming fire

The oncoming fire

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Liner Notes: 

Decided to write one last political song for the season.... was playing an old resonator guitar with a capo up on the 7th fret.

Recorded this one on the 'good' condenser microphone on the pc. Recorded a guitar track, then vocal, then harmonica, mixed and all and.. here it is.

Will most probably put this on the bandcamp album I'm working on, and probably releasing in the next few days.


He’s using gangs & intimidation, packing the courts w/his cronies
Might as well have Leni Riefenstahl film the ceremonies

Don’t give me no false equivalence, democracy’s on a respirator
One side is reason, the other is a psycho dictator

He’s gonna try to subvert the election
We need an antibiotic for this fascist infection

Started as a little flame, now we’re all gonna get burned
I’m thinking that we’ve passed the point of no return

Whatever happens in November, it’s a storm unprecedented
The cure for that kind of hatred has not been invented

He’s gonna try to subvert the election
we’re going in a very dangerous direction

Look out for chaos and trouble, its coming at every turn
There’s a fire out there let’s hope we all don’t get burned

(c) M. Skliar 2020

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Fantastic! The guitar is rich and interesting to listen to. The harmonica is tasty as heck with all that bending!
The melody and lyric combo is both ominous and reflective. Overall a masterful political song.

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Yup good guitar and nice bitey lyrics, as someone from a world away i just shake my head about what some consider democracy! Well said!

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That guitar is fantastic, your lyrics are sadly spot on and insightful, and your vocal delivery is perfectly paced! Kudos!