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Liner Notes: 

Hear that sound? It's the sound of the barrel being scraped.


I’m officially out of topics to sing about
I reckon I’ve sung them all
There’s been love and loss and cats with to-do lists
and what comes after a fall

Rounds and guitars and ukuleles
and mandolas and flutes and more
some of the tunes have merged into one
but nobody’s keeping score (except we are, obviously, literally doing just that)

I’ve written in the morning and written in the evening
and whispered songs late in the night
but I knew once I started on baby shark
the end had to be in sight

I’ve done self-referential meta songs
of which this is clearly one
My brain sends a message loud and clear
please can we be done?

So farewell 50/90
you have been an absolute blast
I’ll be back again in February
so I’d better find more topics really fast

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Smile I know the feeling of scraping the bottom of the barrel... but hey, you made a song out of it even so!

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Delightfully meta, the aside about how we're literally keeping score gave me a laugh. I love the title, too. Nice work!

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Ha ha! Totally relatable!!! Love that title. Nice melody!