Lullaby for 2020

Lullaby for 2020

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Liner Notes: 

Pretty much what the title says...


Hush little darling, and go to sleep,
the world’s full of things to make us all weep.
The people are sick and the forest’s on fire
the oceans are rising higher and higher.

The grownups in charge are all mean and unfair
the fumes from our cars are destroying the air.
The people that run from our silly old wars
are asking for help and are met with closed doors.

So what do we do when it’s doom and despair?
Look after each other and show that we care.
Find joy in the small things and do what we must
to fill the sad world with our love and our trust.

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Yes! Look after each other Smile
Pretty melody, like the minor key feel a lot.

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Sadly so true in this world today but I love that last stanza that brings hope - if we simply care for one another. Caring is key! Good message.