Sister Shark

Sister Shark

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Liner Notes: 

Baby Shark was mentioned on the way home from school, and everything is song fodder today. I realised partway through that it's a similar plot to the Arrogant Worms' Jesus's Brother Bob...


Spare a small thought for me as I swim here
in the literal and figurative dark
deep in the ocean and deep in obscurity
the sister of Baby Shark.

Everyone’s talking about my young brother
he’s totally making his mark
love him or hate him he lives in your head unlike
the sister of Baby Shark.

Having a sibling who shoots overnight to fame
isn’t a walk in the park
for me they just think that I might look familiar
the sister of Baby Shark.

If I sing doo-doo-doo and smile oh so winningly
at best someone might remark
“Look at that girl, she’s a cheap knockoff version
of that genius Baby Shark.”

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This was great!

I'm a middle child, and even though there may just be two kids in the family, the song gives of strong middle child vibes.

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I love the Arrogant Worms!

Similar plot, sure, but the song is quite different from theirs Smile Nice doo-doo-doo stuff!