Perfect storm

Perfect storm

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Liner Notes: 

Based on a prompt of "storm" I picked up somewhere! The mandola is way too close to the mic, but we're very much at proof-of-concept stage here...


It’s been a perfect storm
but that’s life for you, I guess
disasters run in packs
like the wild wolves

And yet there’s been a beauty
between lightning bolts and rain
something powerful and grand
we can’t hold it in our hand

See the light between the clouds
See the rainbow in the sky
Smell the freshness of the ground
after the storm
Once you’ve made it through the worst
And recovered from the pain
You might find yourself
a stronger soul reborn

When you know you can survive
what the storm has thrown your way
there’s no more fear of what
a storm can bring

You learn to find the lessons
and to harness all its strength
you’re the master of it all
now it answers to your call

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true-- once you learn how to deal with the storm the fear no longer masters you. Lovely!