Skirmish - s092920 - Clap

Skirmish - s092920 - Clap

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Liner Notes: 

sloppy little quick track for the last skirmish...and the last song...for me this year.
Went about 25 minutes over...
timing issues here and there but not time for many do-overs during a skirmish.
went for an old school George Clinton kinda vibe. wanted better riffs and basslines, but before I knew it my time was up. Spent most of my time looking for some cool vocal samples to fit my needs. Took one applause sample and heard a whoop and a holler that I thought sounded cool, so chopped and stretched the sample to just that bit and used it as a rhythmic element in the first part of the track. Then did...other stuff lol
Oh well, I wish i could have met the goal of 50 this year...i wish my last track was better...."i wish i was a little bit taller, i wish i was a baller..." etc etc

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I love the funky feel and the great clap in response to the skirmish! Great feel to go out on for 5090! Thanks for doing the skirmish!

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Now I was just getting ready to relax and head to bed shortly and then I heard your tune here and I had to get up and move my hips from side to side and shake a little.
Yeah, that was fun. Lol Funky! Enjoyed it.

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This is so fun and old-school! What a cool take on the skirmish prompt. Polished, smooth, and funky as all hell.

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heheh sounds like what i was sorta aiming for on one of my tracks, however i dont have the actual skill to pull something off like this, great mix and a cool vibe, i would easily have this play next to some will smith in a crowd warm up playlist to a gig Biggrin

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Old-school funk - I'm in! This one is a good early morning wake-up tune. So many awesome sounds!

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This has a really strong groove, very funky, nice work!

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Ahh...a little bit of that tasty funk goes a long, long way. I dig it. I don't hear any sloppiness, by the way. I do hear lots of room for expansion. Either way it's got your magic touch all over it and I like it like that!