My Imposter And Applause

My Imposter And Applause

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish THEME/PROMPT: Applause
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Full disclosure. I'm striving to complete unfinished songs. This one also used lines from an intended 10x10 song, inspired by a 50/90 thread on performance anxiety and imposter syndrome, that just was not working.


My Imposter And Applause
Guitar tuned BEADF#B chords [actual sound(shape)]: D(G) - 32ooo3; C(F) - 133211; Bm(Em) - o22ooo; Em(Am) - xo221o;

[D(G)] I don’t miss the applause
[C(F)] My imposter hides in the shadows
[D(G)] When I’m up on a stage its
[Bm(Em)] Crank up the stress. Crank up the stress

My friends miss the applause
I spend a lot of time watching them these days
On social media, livestreams and the internet
Us people-pleasers can’t get away from that.

My friends miss the stage
And energy to drive the show
The body language feedback
The ovation and call for encore

[Em(Am)] I’d rather be in the middle of the audience
Feeling like I’m always the outsider
Don’t need to hear clapping
Or a cheer
[Bm(Em)] Not applying for recognition or adulation. Not me.
While parasites, predators, privileged, and pretenders
[Em(Am)] Lurk in the corners of my mind feeding on fear.

Meanwhile my imposter still hangs out, sowing doubt
Maybe if I pretend it’s not there, it’ll go away
Saying I’ve hurt a lot of people, but I mostly hurt myself.
My imposter is never ever satisfied with what I have learned and done.

[D(G)] I don’t miss the applause

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I like the approach to this one. Sounds good. Particularly like the background sound which to me sounds like crickets.

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I love the chords in this and that slow strum that heightens the sense of loss and longing - no live audience, no applause...and of the sense of loss of self - being an imposter and not believing in your self - you portray that sense of being and imposter well!

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I dig the vocal fx...really fits your style here.
I see how you've mixed the prompt and the subject matter of that forum post. "my imposter is never ever satisfied with what i have learned and done" - great line. SUPER-felt. I had a lot to say on the imposter syndrome post...but I wasn't comfortable posting any of it.
I'm also liking what you're saying here...not missing the applause and all that comes with it, including dealing with the ol' imposter.
Delivery of vocals and music give this a lot of impact.

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Super personal lyrics, and crisp acoustic playing. I really feel this one.