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Liner Notes: 

(Petruchio is one of the two main characters from Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. )

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Nice tonality from the uke, and nice playing, this is levels above what we get from yer average uke-ist.

I remember Petruchio vaguely, but can't connect the lyric to those vague memories. Was the sun so cold in Taming of the Shrew? I don't recall.

And the slide bits are really adding a lot here (again, apparently I like your slide playing, commented on that in another song. )

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This is really great! Had to come give your other stuff a listen after loving your slide work, not too many of us slide enthusiasts around anymore it seems Biggrin

That background drone in this is great! really sets the mood of this, awesome lyric and vocal delivery here too! Great sky pic too btw Biggrin think we might be somewhat neighbors Biggrin I'll get to listening to the rest of your stuff eventually, really like what I've heard so far.