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Liner Notes: 

Using the weekly prompt "Dozen" as inspiration. Thrown off in the middle a bit by errant child coming into the room mid-recording...


She's a wanderer
not the kind to put down roots
much more happy on the road
than with a roof over her head

She's a wild one
always twenty steps ahead
riding off into the sunset
in her leather cowboy boots

She's lived a dozen lives in a dozen different towns
she's had her share of ups and had far too many downs
she went out seeking truths while other girls went seeking crowns
and she always finds a place she can call home.

She's a free spirits
always running off to play
always searching for the next thing
peace and joy and hope and love

She's a wanderer
daughter of the skies above
always choosing things to run to
not just ways to run away

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Lovely melody and finger style guitar. Reminds me of some friends.