Liverpool Street Station

Liverpool Street Station

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Liner Notes: 

Bit of a stream-of-consciousness, this one, on what used to be little regular routines. Working through the weekly prompts for inspiration.


Liverpool Street Station
Twenty to eight.
Tuesday night. Escalator's out again.
Pile up the stairs.
Take a left past the newsstand.
Pull on your hat against the rain.

Walk past the lights.
The homeless man's there
with his dog, on a big pile of card.
No change in your pockets.
You smile and mouth 'sorry'.
Spitalfields Market's aglow in the dark.

k.d. lang on repeat.
It's a ritual now.
Check your phone for no reason once more.
The young man in the coat
waits his turn by the bus stop.
You pretend you've not seen each other before.

He buzzes in first.
Two minutes to go.
Check your hair. Take a deep breath. Here goes.
You press on 'Room 1'.
The hall smells of fresh paint.
She smiles in the doorway. You're home.

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A station I know well, even if I never used it in my commuting days. A lovely slice of everyday life populated by figures that even if we don't know well, we recognise as part of the landscape. Now *that's* what observational writing is about. And I'm laughing at the wry touches, the apologetic smile, the k.d.lang on repeat. Definitely inspired!

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i love the structure of this as we follow you on your journey. intriguing details. beautifully performed. nice one