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Liner Notes: 

I'm going through the weekly challenges for inspiration, trying to nudge closer to 50... This is a very quick write for the flower theme.


I was born to palace grounds
but I never was a rose
in a formal, tidy garden
with a fancy-schmancy name

no dew-bejewelled petals
no-one's gorgeous pride and joy
not a pure romantic symbol
no great pedigree or fame

But who decides what's worthwhile,
and who decides what's pure,
who decides what's beautiful and true?
As I rise out of the cracks
of the pave-stoned garden path
I'll tell you I deserve to be loved, too.

I carry all the sunlight
in my shaggy yellow head
I've made my way through concrete
and I've broken through the stone

but my strength goes by unnoticed
and my beauty goes unsung
they tell me I'm unwanted and that I should die alone

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This is very clever. I like the ukulele sounds along with your voice and the words. Funny, this song reminds me how quickly mother nature rebounds and sprouts up with a will to live in places we often take for granted or don't expect living things (plants, trees, flowers, weeds) to rise up in.

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I miss the spring. Thousands of dandelions as far as the eye can see. I love flowers. And this feels like spring to me. Very jolly tune. Smile Thank you!