Better Luck Next Year

Better Luck Next Year

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Liner Notes: 

Since February, I've written 36 songs. For me, for less than a year, that's a lot, and for a while I felt like I was writing nonstop. I'm proud of myself, and I'm grateful for this community. FAWM, 100/180, and 50/90 have kept me sane during the weirdest year I've ever seen. This song is about this very weird year.


Welcome to the land of the free throw
What's gonna happen next, well you never know
And I don't like what I hear on the radio
The world is gonna end and it's a one-man show

You say you want a revolution, well, it's happening now
We gotta find a way out of here somehow
Oh well
Better luck next year

Generations of the millennium
We grew up in a stolen utopia
Politicians play on the battlefront
And I can hardly think, 'cause I feel so numb

Don't act like it's a mystery
It's just a cruel game of history
Oh well
Better luck next year

So don't crawl, don't walk
You better fucking run to the streets if you wanna see the sun
Can't wait for kingdom come
We never sleep, we're never done
Information all around
You better scream if you wanna hear the sound
Don't let 'em knock you down
We're gonna take 'em to the fucking ground
Oh yeah

Better luck next year
Better luck next year
Better luck next year
Better luck next year

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Every line and riff is 3x bullseye.

Fuck yeah.

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Ha! I've picked myself up from my foetal position enough to download this super track. I'm even sitting here listening rather than cowering in a corner SO it must be working for me! [EDIT just to avoid concern, the foetal corner is nothing at all to do with 5090, other songs or music of any sort. 5090 has kept me sane these last three months.]

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Awww hell yeah! Robyn, this is really awesome! Such a solid rocker with strong verses and a killer chorus, both lyrically and melodically! Your instrumentation is classic goodness and your vocals strong. You've really delivered the goods here! Great work!

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Congrats on a productive year - aren't these challenges great? I can't imagine getting by without them these days, I'm hooked.

Love this. That crunchy guitar riff, the spot-on lyrics, the punchy delivery, and a killer hook. Did I mention that delicious guitar tone? Downloaded!

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Nice one indeed! great production and sound and incisive lyric..... great work!

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Wow! This is the best! So much truth in the lyrics and what a production! Fabulous all the way!

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Terrific production and performance of a great lyric, well done.

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Oooh yeah, had to put on headphones Music 2 for a proper 6am listen to this. Love the historical references and that rhythm and guitar are awesome. 'We're never done' Smile . Super job!

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Really good energetic track. I really like the guitar. The prechorus and chorus are really catchy. Good lyrics and some strong rhyming.

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This is great, the whole package, performance, production, sound and I love that guitar

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Yes and yes. Excellent pop punk sound, and the truth and frustration in your lyrics is eminently relatable. Clear vocals and great production, as well! Congrats on all the songs--this community has also helped keep me sane through some troubled times!

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Whoa, excellent demo! Vocals sound great. Lyrics spot on. This rocks!