The Fall

The Fall

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Liner Notes: 

I tend to fill songs up with lots of busy parts. So my original concept was to do a song that's less-full, more open. There's a piano hitting a single note, a two-note sound from the free Spitfire LABS sounds (Glitch piano), then a guitar with tons of delay and reverb, a synth bass, and a vocal.

I made up the lyrics today, and the vocal melody is whatever came to me. Lyrics are on the vague side. I usually do lyrics first, here I did music first.


the fall is coming
coming fast
the sweetest spring
can never last

funny thing
about this town
there's no where to go
but down

and nobody cares

Autumn leaves
bring me down
about this time they're dropping
all around

my heart knows the fall
the only thing it can recall

my heart is bullet proof
but I'm afraid of the dark
afraid of the truth
my heart is bullet proof

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I like the airy feel to this arrangement and the kind of stream-of-consciousness feel to the lyric works well with it.

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What a gorgeous, lush soundscape. Your vocals really fit well with the cinematic setting; this is a song delivered in Technicolor and Cinemascope, and no mistake. Absolutely beautiful.

But even though I know that you folks refer to autumn as the fall, with the capital letters in the title I am having difficulty not thinking of this as a song about Mark E. Smith's (RIP) band. Sorry about that.

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Really nice melancholy, atmospheric track. Good vocals. I really like the wide ambient sound and the details that rise out of it.

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This time I am hearing political context among all downhill associations. I actually love autumn but these days I do feel it the way you've captured it here.

That high vocal melody is great - it's like a light piercing the stormy instrumental textures.