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Liner Notes: 

I saw the last skirmish with the prompt: Wonder. I couldn't do it at the time it was presented, but I just did it now. The structure is a bit different with no chorus but a bridge and tag at the end. Does that make this AABAA? Something like that! Yay...got that positive one in there!

NOTE: metalfoot is working on music for this. Stay tuned! Smile



There’s wonder in a set of clouds
That will soon disappear
There’s wonder in a stranger’s smile
It’s like a glass of cheer

There’s people you’ll remember
Only know a little while
There’s people who will give it all
Bring their own sense of style

Be what you imagine
Take all the time you need
Share a little something
And let it catch a breeze

There’s passion in an open heart
And it keeps the world alive
There’s passion in a piece of art
That simply makes you cry

There’s journeys full of mystery
And long nights that never end
There’s journeys taken just for fun
Between a few good friends

I wonder what’s ahead
I wonder what I’ve left behind
I wonder all my life
It’s alway on my mind

©2020 Kristi McKeever

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Oh oh oh girl! This is so inspiring and uplifting! Made my heart swell! Absolutely joyful!

metalfoot's picture

I wonder... if you'd let me quickly set this one before 50/90 ends, pretty please? Love it.

Sunfire's picture

Really powerful, Kristi. I love it. This says so much.

Tim Fatchen's picture

Say "yes" to @metalfoot, sez I. Normally I'd put a hand up too, but literally no time and other things in the way. This is powerful and deep. Get it set. ping me when done!

johnstaples's picture

Dang Kristi, this is really beautiful! Such profundity in your lyrics! And I love this structure with the AABAA! Did I mention how positive and upbeat and joyful this is? Well, that is a huge part of its magic! Great work!!

musicsongwriter's picture

Very beautiful lyrics and the structure works brilliantly. Looking forward to hearing your collaboration with Alex.

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Looking forward to hearing the music - this is lovely! The tag at the end is great and really works with the feel of the song.