My Mountain

My Mountain

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I made it to the top of my mountain,
The breeze warps her hands around me,
I look down to the ocean,
A thousand miles from where I stand,
I stare up the stars,
Wander if anyones see's me,
Cause I made it to the top of my mountain,
I hope I don’t come tumbling down too easily,

I made it to the top of my mountain,
Im holding myself up to see,
The hard road Ive been climbing,
Without a second to just breath
So Im standing still for a minute,
To let the air surround me,
Cause there many more mountains to climb,
So many places I still need to see,

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What a wonderful line "I've made it to the top of my mountain" is. There's so much story to unpack, buried in that single line. This is really good, Adam - your vocals on this are superb.

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I really like the melodic lift toward the end of each line. Some wonderful natural imagery here, as well!