Bandit (and the wonder Dogs, Int #01, lost tapes review)

Bandit (and the wonder Dogs, Int #01, lost tapes review)

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Bandit and the wonder Dogs, Interview #01, -- the lost tapes review.

Actually, he (Bandit), was speaking a lyric in the prior interview; and this version is the "guys" harmonizing a bit (not used for some reason?), -- on the krappey instruments the interviewer had laying around Wink hahhh!
-- So, you know, they could only sound this good Smile

So Bandit sings in perfect pitch Key of F with A# harmonics. And his band mates each took A and C Keyed harmonies (yes, the "F" Chord, with *lots* of political meaning, and all are Bare Footed too! Wink they like the Beatles? Good God, no... )

Again, the engineer was all phucked up on some krappe he was smoking, so this is what was found in the trash behind the Studio. Yes, the interviewer human got bit, and then all pissed off about it, and chucked the tapes. (What an ashehole! Smile )

Also, on a final note,
-- they are actually all "apolitical" and were trying to IMPRESS the poodle bitch prairie dog sitting behind the human there Wink They didn't know whether to eat, or dance with it. (Bunch of animals, they are!) I think that's how that guy got bit.


Ohhhh, baby!

(c) 2020 Cody from Oklahoma, and ustaknow (alias)
(Bandit and his band was all work for hire contractors, so, - totally screwed. Show'em a picture of a pretty bitch and a large bone, and they'll do anything. ;) )

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this is great!!! excellent work digging this out of the trash!!!

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I needed a good belly laugh right now! And this is such a superb takeoff of music interviews. Political interviews in Victoria Australia for that matter.

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Nice one, the howls pair well and it is a good laugh.