Better Luck Next Year

Better Luck Next Year

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Better Luck Next Year (50/90 Challenge / Song Fight title)

Liner Notes: 

I've totally lost my motivation this month - I just feel like you can only write so many songs well and happily without having a nice break to get reinspired - but there's no way I'm not going to hit 50 when I'm this close, so I've just been writing whatever, not really caring about the quality. Tonight I checked out writing prompts from different sources to see what immediately sparked something, saw this title on Song Fight this week. It made me think of 2020 in general, like as a phrase we can say to each other at the end of the year as a consolation for not accomplishing much this year (although... I actually have!) and for not getting to do most of what we wanted. (Probably won't be entering the SF contest btw, just using it as a prompt.)

I feel a bit silly though because I only looked for prompts (instead of using one of the many existing ideas I've got lying around) in the hopes I would write something a bit different from my other songs, but I've already written multiple songs on this exact topic and the chords and melody aren't too different from many of my other songs either. But oh well, I guess that's what happens when you're not really motivated, but at least it's a song and I'm nearly there now!


New Year's Day is always a day when we're expecting the very best
Hoping the last year's failures weren't what they seemed
So we made up a resolution and then we put it to the test
But this wasn't the year to live any kind of dream

Give me just a little more time
Give me a little time
I've still got a lot of places to find, and I'm gonna find them
Another year past, and bad luck is still here
Maybe we'll all have better luck next year

Guess I'm ready for the silly party favors and I'm ready to raise a toast
I always well up when I see the countdown drop
And just like we said all the other years we'll say we're gonna make the most of it
It's just sometimes the most isn't nearly so much as we thought

But sometimes in the darkest hour, something comes to be
And it wasn't everything you dreamed, but it's just what you need
And may we all have better luck next year

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This has a very nice melody. The lyrics are wistful and wise.

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You mean this hasn't been a good year? Wink I like this..... would be a good tune for any year, doesn't have to be current, it works every year.

as far as chords/melody/topics being the same........if you can't rip off yourself who can you? Wink I've been playing a lot of the same re-written tunes going on 20+ years now.......... it's easy to lose anything you might of had thinking too hard about making something "different'.........but eh, just opinions, really liked the tune!