The Days of Wonder

The Days of Wonder

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Liner Notes: 

Last skirmish of this years 50/90. Great prompt: “Wonder”


The days
The Days of Wonder
Are they gone
Gone forever
It makes me sad
I thought I'd never
I'd hoped my hard-nosed nature was a fad
With blinders on
Can't see the beauty
The truth's not gone
It's our duty

I remember
The Days of Wonder
And I wish
They would return
Like a precious child
There's so much to learn
When my eyes were open I truly smiled
So am I stuck
In my refusal
With rotten luck
Stubborn recusal

When I was a child my mind was open
Absorbing my surroundings with such glee
Why as the years have past do I feel broken
When there's still so very much to see

Could I return
To The Days of Wonder
Where all I see
Turns to gold
No more regrets
Worries of growing old
What one puts into life is what one gets
See true joy
True joy and sorrow
The attitude I employ
The wonder of today and tomorrow

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Really strong piano/vocal here.

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I'm jealous of your piano ability.

Anyway, this is a beautiful and contemplative lyric set to a delightful piano ballad.

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This is really beautiful! Such lovely piano and your soft vocals really sell it! I love the acknowledgement that as we grow older we often lose some of the wonder and joy. But I especially love your hopeful message that we can retain/achieve wonder and joy!! Nice work!

Update: My wife walked through the room as I was listening and added "What a sweet, sweet song. It has a big, powerful feel!"

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Oh my, a real joy to listen too. Your piano playing in sublime. The vocals deliver your fantastically uplifting lyrics. Beautiful.

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awesome Jeff this is the kind of song that attracted me to your stuff. i really love it! pretty sad though. it appeals to my darker moments when i feel my time is done! its a bit unopened letter -just a bit

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This is really fabulous and such a wonderful message and sentiment - reminding us to look for the wonder. The bridge is spectacular and your melody with the soaring vocals is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the piano! Fantastic song and amazing skirmish take on the prompt!

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The B section is especially beautiful and hopeful. Really wonderful song and message.

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I like the gentle melody and vocal delivery in this. There's lots to reflect on in the lyric and the piano is wonderfully expressive throughout it all.

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Gorgeous piano and vocals. I agree that the B section is especially great. Has an 80s ballad vibe which adds to the nostalgic feel of the lyrics.

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Lovely piano, as always! The bridge is especially nice on this one, and I really like your poignant lyrics. I feel this way often. A great finish to this year's 50/90!